HealthSource RI for Employers allows you to attract and retain top talent by offering your employees exclusive benefits. In addition to our popular Full Employee Choice program, HealthSource RI for Employers has partnered to offer ancillary products including vision, life, accident and medical bridge!

HealthSource RI makes it easier than ever to customize your healthcare offering with high quality healthcare plans. Our modern defined contribution option allows you to determine your healthcare budget and give your employees the healthcare they deserve with an unprecedented level of service and support. Here are just a few reasons to purchase your insurance through HealthSource RI For Employers:

  • Our Full Choice program is your exclusive source for offering your employees multiple carrier options – allowing you to customize health plan offerings like never before – and your employees can pick the plan and level of healthcare that works best for them
  • Our defined contribution model lets you determine your healthcare budget now and in the future
  • HealthSource RI is the only place you can claim small business tax credits – see FAQ’s for more information
  • There are no minimum participation requirements
  • You can tier plan contributions by employee groups to suit your needs
  • Now offering Ancillary Benefits including vision, life, accident and medical bridge
  • We provide you and your employees the resources you need to understand health plan offerings – along with unmatched service and support through our Business Engagement Team.

When to Enroll:

  • You can enroll your business or nonprofit at your existing carrier renewal date, or any time you choose
  • Finalize your coverage offering by the 12th of the month; employee open enrollment will close by the 17th of the month
  • Payments are due by the 23rd of the month prior to coverage effective date

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