HealthSource RI and EOHHS release enrollment, demographic and volume data through Nov. 30

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI and the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) have released enrollment data, certain demographic data and certain volume metrics through Nov. 30, 2013.

Enrollment data (Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, 2013)

Total HealthSource RI enrollments (including those who have not yet paid): 2,649

Paid enrollments: 1,611

Medicaid enrollments (per EOHHS): 5,280

Small employer applications initiated: 630

*Small employer enrollment: 26 (based on their submitted census, these 26 employers represent 760 total employees)

*Note: The enrollment period for small employers began in mid-November for coverage beginning January 1.

In addition, HealthSource RI has released the following demographic data regarding enrollees:


Male: 1,207

Female: 1,442


Under 18: 104

18-25: 207

26-34: 310

35-44: 311

45-54: 629

55-64: 1,062

Over 65: 26

Plan metal level selected

Catastrophic: 29

Bronze-level plan: 548

Silver-level plan: 1,508

Gold-level plan: 564

Financial assistance

No financial assistance: 313

Advanced premium tax credits (APTC): 1,111

APTC and cost-sharing reductions (CSR): 1,225

Note about data reconciliation: It is important to know that queries of the system run at different times and on different days may produce different sets of data as people move through various stages of the application and enrollment process. Data in this release reflects reconciled numbers through Nov. 30, 2013; therefore, these numbers may differ slightly from numbers reported in prior releases.

In addition, HealthSource RI has released certain volume metrics to demonstrate the level of interest Rhode Islanders have shown in accessing affordable health insurance coverage through HealthSource RI. Since October 1, HealthSource RI has reported:

Contact Center calls received: 37,738

Contact Center walk-in visits: 4,291

Total Website visits: 201,219

Total unique Website visits: 169,059

Accounts created: 30,207

The open enrollment period for individuals ends on March 31, 2014. Small employers may enroll at their renewal date, regardless of where that date falls in the calendar year.

Coverage begins on January 1, 2014. Individuals must enroll and pay by Dec. 23, 2013 for coverage to begin on January 1. Medicaid-eligible individuals may enroll throughout the year.



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