HealthSource RI Releases Enrollment, Demographic and Volume Data through 2/6/2016

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI (HSRI) has released certain enrollment, demographic and volume data through Saturday, February 6, 2016 for Open Enrollment.

As of February 6, 2016:
35,428 individuals are enrolled in 2016 coverage through HSRI, paid and unpaid.
The majority of these individuals are 2015 HSRI enrollees that were auto-renewed into a 2016 plan.
8,103 of the 35,428 individuals have selected a plan for 2016 coverage, and are new to HSRI this year or returning after being enrolled with HSRI at some point during a prior year.

33,148* of the 35,428 individuals are enrolled in 2016 coverage through HSRI, and have paid their first month’s premium.
*The number of paid enrollments is expected to increase as individuals pay for March coverage through the February 23 payment deadline. 

<image: 2016 Enrollment graphic>

As of February 6, 2016:

Small employer accounts created: 2,236
Small employer applications completed: 798

Small employer enrollment (paid): 565
These employers represent 4,102 covered lives

85% of small employers are enrolled in the Full Choice Model.
93% SHOP renewal rate (2016 to date).

February 1, 2016 – February 6, 2016

This Week
 Phone Calls Received 16,323
 Website Activity –
 Unique Visitors 12,407
 Visits 17,958
 Page Views 30,853

*Open Enrollment (OE) for Individuals and Families began on November 1, 2015 and ended January 31, 2016.

Small employers may enroll at their renewal date, regardless of where that date falls in the calendar year.
Medicaid-eligible individuals may enroll throughout the year.

Note about data reconciliation: Queries of the system run at different times and on different days may produce different sets of data as people move through various stages of the application and enrollment process. Data in this release is regularly reported on Tuesdays, representing activity as of the prior Saturday.

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