HealthSource RI Releases Metrics Through Oct. 26

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI, Rhode Island’s health benefits exchange, has released certain metrics from its fourth week of operation, Sunday, Oct. 20, through Saturday, Oct. 26:


Contact Center calls: 3,301

Contact Center walk-ins: 437

Unique Website visits: 19,745

Total Website visits: 23,134

Accounts Created: 2,206

Completed and Processed Applications: 1,110


An “account created” is defined as an individual who has created a username and password.


A “completed and processed application” is defined as an individual who has supplied all of the necessary information, had that information verified, and has selected a plan. Payment was either made or is pending.


Coverage for all plans begins on January 1, 2014.


Since open enrollment began on Oct. 1, HealthSource RI has reported:


Contact Center calls: 15,469

Contact Center walk-ins: 1,240

Unique Website visits: 89,310

Total Website visits: 105,574

Accounts Created: 9,687

Completed and Processed Applications: 3,762


HealthSource RI reports volume totals for Contact Center calls and walk-ins, as well as Website visits, accounts created, and completed and processed applications, for the prior week on a weekly basis. Monthly enrollment data reporting will begin in November.






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