Small Employers Find Cost Control and Employee Choice With HealthSource RI

PROVIDENCE – As they are for most Rhode Island small employers, employee health care costs are a significant budget item for WaterFire Providence’s Peter Mello. And with a diverse team of differing ages and family situations, choosing the one “right” plan for the non-profit’s employees was an incredibly difficult decision.

Fortunately, Mello no longer has to make that decision.

In a new testimonial video series for social media, Mello tells the story of why he chose to buy employee health insurance through HealthSource RI’s Full Employee Choice model.

“Our broker presented HealthSource RI as an alternative,” Mello says, adding, “We gave our employees the opportunity to tailor their choices to their own needs.”

Mello’s story is just one in a new campaign designed to reach all Rhode Island small employers with the message that together, small employers who enroll will leverage their collective power to help HealthSource RI increase competition in the insurance market, drive down the cost of health care in Rhode Island, and reduce its drain on small businesses and on the state’s economy. Buying insurance through HealthSource RI adds the “weight” of their business to the health care conversation, ensuring that their voice is heard as loudly as that of a large business.

“Our Full Employee Choice model offers controlled and predictable costs for employers, coupled with choice and flexibility for their employees,” says Christine Ferguson, director of HealthSource RI. “But HealthSource RI is more than just a new way to buy commercial insurance plans. We’re also a neutral third-party resource for information about health insurance plans, including how health coverage is structured, how it is priced, and what you and your employees can expect to receive for your health insurance dollars.”

The video series is designed to bolster HealthSource RI’s “weights” campaign, now running in print and outdoor advertising throughout the state. Additional campaign pieces include a social media campaign and an upcoming direct mail campaign targeted to Rhode Island small employers, as well as the launch of a “microsite” highlighting small businesses that have enrolled through HealthSource RI at

“We know that controlling health care costs for Rhode Island’s small employers will have a dramatic impact on Rhode Island’s economy,” says Ferguson, adding that HealthSource RI has created a team focused specifically on reaching out to small employers. “The goal of this campaign is to make sure that Rhode Island’s small employers understand the power that their collective voices bring to HealthSource RI’s ability to increase competition and influence insurance plan designs and costs going forward.”

To view HealthSource RI’s new small employer testimonial videos:

WaterFire Providence’s Peter Mello

Darlene Group’s Maria Baccari

“Together, We Are Big Business”

Small employers may enroll through HealthSource RI at their regular annual renewal date, either through their broker or through HealthSource RI’s small employer outreach team. Call 1-855-683-6757 to reach a team member today or visit




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