Broker Partnerships

Better serve your clients

HealthSource RI is committed to helping licensed insurance brokers better serve their clients and easily connect with new ones. Here are just a few reasons to partner with HealthSource RI-

  • We give you access to in person broker training and ongoing support for your staff and clients.
  • Our Full Choice program allows you to customize plan offerings, highlighting any combination of available health plans from any or all carriers
  • We offer streamlined quoting from multiple carriers with one census
  • Our modern defined employer contribution model lets your clients determine their healthcare budget now and in the future
  • There are no minimum participation requirements for your clients
  • Carriers continue to pay commission directly to you

If you have a question or need help at any time, our specialized broker team is available at

Become a Certified Broker

To become a certified broker through HealthSource RI, you must:

  • Be licensed to sell health insurance in the state of Rhode Island
  • Have current appointments with required health insurance carriers
  • Attend an in person training on our system and rules, the health plans we offer, and relevant information about the Affordable Care Act.
  • Receive a passing grade on our broker training final test
  • Complete a broker certification application

Once you’ve successfully completed our training and application form, you will receive a broker certification number from HealthSource RI. That number will allow you to register yourself in our system so you can sell and receive commissions.

Get started today. Go to our events page to sign up for our next broker certification training.

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