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Broker Partnerships

HealthSource RI is committed to helping licensed insurance brokers better serve their clients and easily connect with new ones. Here are just a few reasons to partner with HealthSource RI-

  • We give you access to in person broker training and ongoing support for your staff and clients.
  • Our Full Choice program allows you to customize plan offerings, highlighting any combination of available health plans from any or all carriers
  • We offer streamlined quoting from multiple carriers with one census
  • Our modern defined employer contribution model lets your clients determine their healthcare budget now and in the future
  • There are no minimum participation requirements for your clients
  • Carriers continue to pay commission directly to you

If you have a question or need help at any time, our specialized broker team is available at 1-855-683-6755.

Become a Certified Broker

Here’s how to become a Certified Broker through HealthSource RI:

  1. Send us an email at to let us know you would like to become a certified broker with HealthSource RI. 
  2. A Broker Application will then be sent to you, to fill out and return.
  3. Once you have returned your Broker Application, we will set up a Broker Training class for you.
  4. Once your training class is completed, you will receive an email with a link for creating your account log in and password to your broker account.

HealthSource RI for Employers connects you with health and dental insurance from these companies:

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Employers & Employees: 1-855-683-6757