UPDATE: The open comment period for the policy manual is now closed. We have now updated the final version of the manual below.

You can download the complete manual or separate chapters below:

Complete Policy Manual
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Eligibility for Qualified Health Plans
Chapter 3: Open Enrollment, Special Enrollment, and Enrollment Effective Dates
Chapter 4: Eligibility for Premium Tax Credit and Cost Sharing Reductions
Chapter 5: Advance Premium Tax Credit Reconciliation
Chapter 6: MAGI Medicaid Eligibility
Chapter 7: Verification of Eligibility for Insurance Affordability Programs
Chapter 8: Mid-Year Eligibility Updates and Renewals
Chapter 9: Individual Eligibility and Appeals
Chapter 10: Shared Responsibility Payment & Exemptions
Chapter 11: HealthSource RI SHOP Eligibility
Chapter 12: QHP Termination and Dis-enrollment
Chapter 13: HealthSource RI Account Creation & Maintenance