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Getting the right financial help

Financial help through HealthSource RI is based on your family size and income. If these things change, you might have to pay back some of that financial help when you file your taxes. Here are some tips for making sure you’re getting the right amount of help.

What can I do to avoid owing money when I file my taxes?

  • Keep HealthSource RI updated on changes in your life

Contact HealthSource RI as soon as possible if your income, family size, immigration or employment situation changes.

  • Submit your verification documents on time

If HealthSource RI asks you for documents that verify any of your application information, scan, send in, or drop off those documents as soon as possible.

  • Take less financial help

If you are worried about owing money at tax time, you can choose to take only some of your tax credit in advance and then save the rest of it for when you file your taxes. You’ll either get some extra money at tax time or give yourself a “cushion” for any tax credits you might have to pay back.

  • Take no financial help

You can also choose to pay the full premium amount each month, even if you qualify for financial help. If you choose this option, when you file your taxes you would subtract your tax credit from any taxes you owe — or get a bigger refund if you don’t owe anything.

How do I tell HealthSource RI that I had a change in my income or application information?

You can log on to your HealthSource RI account to safely and securely report your changes. You can also call our contact center at 1-855-840-4774 and an enrollment specialist will help you make the changes in your account.

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