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Can I get financial help?

At HealthSource RI, you can qualify for up to two kinds of financial help:

  1. Help paying your monthly bill, known as Tax Credits
  2. Help paying for your medical care, known as Cost Sharing Reductions


What’s a tax credit and do I qualify?

When you qualify for help paying for your monthly bill, you receive what’s called an  Unlike most tax credits, you don’t have to wait till tax time to get it. You can choose to get your tax credits right away.

That means you immediately pay less every month for health insurance. The tax credit goes directly to your health insurance company, so you only have to focus on paying your share of the bill.

Do I qualify?

Do you already have access to affordable health insurance through a job or the government? If so, you can’t get tax credits. If not, we use your to calculate how much financial help you can get.

If either of these things change, you might qualify for more or less financial help. If you receive the wrong amount of tax credits, you might have to pay some of them back when you file your taxes

To find out if you qualify for a tax credit, use our Plan Comparison and Savings Tool.


What’s a cost-sharing reduction and do I qualify?

Depending on your income, you might also qualify to pay less when you do things like visiting the doctor or filling a prescription. This financial help is called a “Cost Sharing Reduction.” You can only get these Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR) if you buy what’s known as a Silver plan.

If you select a Silver plan, your cost-sharing reductions will be automatically applied when you use your health insurance. For instance, when you go to see your doctor, the price of the visit will automatically be less.


Do I qualify?

Cost Sharing Reductions are similar to tax credits. You can’t get them if you already have access to insurance through a job or the government and they’re based on your family size and income. To find out if you qualify for Cost-Sharing Reductions, use our Plan Comparison and Savings Tool.


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