Get Help During Tax Season

Watch the mail for an important tax form

Be on the lookout for an important form from HealthSource RI. It’s called Form 1095-A:  Health Insurance Marketplace Statement” and you’ll need it to file your taxes.

HealthSource RI expects to mail all 1095-A forms on or before January 31st.  This means the form should be in your mailbox by early February.

You may need Form 1095-A to file your taxes.  Form 1095-A shows any tax credits your received during the year to reduce the cost of your medical coverage premiums.  You (or your tax preparer) will use this information to reconcile the amount of tax credits actually received with the amount of tax credits you should have received based on final, year- end income and family size.

If you received too much in tax credits, the difference will reduce the size of your refund or increase the amount you have to pay when you file your taxes.  If you received too little in tax credits, or waited until you filed to claim any available tax credit, the amount will be refunded to you or used to reduce the amount you need to pay.

HealthSource RI is required to send Form 1095-A to anyone who enrolled or had a family member enrolled in health insurance through HealthSource RI for all or part of last year. If you misplaced your 1095-A or it never arrived in the mail, you can also download the statement by logging into your secure account and clicking on the ‘My notices and announcements’ tab. Be sure to scroll down if you don’t see your form. It will be labeled “COR-ELG-18-FORM 1095A”.

Please note that if we do not have your current address, this is likely the reason why you didn’t receive your form in the mail.  Please check the address in your account for accuracy or call us and we will check it for you.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions about your 1095-A form and the tax filing process, click here.

Please note: The State is not required to send out Form 1095-B for Medicaid enrollees in 2019 because there was no federal mandate to have individual healthcare coverage in 2019. (If a family member has Medicaid coverage, you received an “anchor card” in addition to a health plan card from Neighborhood Health Plan, Tufts Health Plan or UnitedHealthcare). If you still want a 1095-B form for other reasons, you may call DHS at 1-855-697-4347 or email

Other resources to help you during tax season this year:

Is your family’s income less than $56,000 a year? You can receive free tax filing help through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program sponsored by the IRS. To find a location nearby, call Rhode Island 2-1-1 or visit If you are 50 and older or have a disability, you can also call AARP Tax Aide at 1-888-687-2277 for a list of sites offering free tax preparation assistance.


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