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Renew my plan

Starting November 1, you can start comparing your healthcare options for next year. 

You will receive your renewal packet via mail. Your renewal packet includes important information about your health insurance options for the year ahead, including whether or not we were able to automatically renew your coverage for the next year. If we are not able to automatically renew your coverage, you will have to contact us directly to continue your health coverage. Your renewal packet also includes our calendar of events, a flier on how to pick your plan, and details about enrollment deadlines. 

What is Automatic/Auto Renewal?

We make it easy for current customers to renew their coverage for the New Year. All customers (unless notified otherwise) are automatically enrolled into the same or a similar plan (if the same plan is no longer available). We will send you the details about your auto-enrolled plan in the mail in November.

If you are happy with your auto-enrolled plan, you can just relax. All you need to do is pay your first monthly premium by December 23. You can also compare and pick a different plan using our quick and easy Plan Comparison and Savings Tool.

Confused about how to pick a plan?

Not sure how to pick the plan that’s right for you? Learn more about HealthSource RI, including how to enroll and what financial help you may be eligible for, by attending one of our virtual Info Sessions. For a full calendar of our events, CLICK HERE. PLEASE NOTE: Events are available in English only.

Navigators are available via phone to provide 1-on-1 enrollment support, regardless of whether you attended an Info Session or not. CLICK HERE to reserve your 1-on-1 Navigator appointment in advance.

Your privacy is our top priority. This presentation is held via ZOOM Webinar where attendees will not see each other’s faces, questions, or contact information.

Remember! If you want your health insurance to continue on January 1, you must choose your plan and pay your first monthly premium by December 23.

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Employers & Employees: 1-855-683-6757