Did you know that you can sign up for health insurance any time your life changes and you need health insurance?

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The open enrollment period for individuals and families has ended, but you may still qualify for a “Special enrollment period” to sign up right away. You might qualify if:

  • You’ve lost your health insurance from an employer: You left a job with health insurance or were let go from a job with health insurance.
  • Your employer changed your coverage: Your employer discontinued your health insurance or changed the coverage offered and you’re allowed to terminate that plan.
  • Your household size has changed: You’ve gotten married, divorced or added a new child to your family (birth, adoption foster care placement).
  • You’re new to Rhode Island: You’ve just moved from out of state and don’t have access to insurance through an employer.
  • Your immigration status has changed: You are now a U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the U.S.
  • You’re too old to be covered by your parents: You’ve been covered on your parents’ policy, but have recently turned 26.
  • You’re no longer covered by another government health insurance plan: You were covered by RIte Care/Medicaid or veterans/military coverage but you are losing that coverage.

Please note: In most cases, you have 60 days from your life-changing event to enroll in coverage or update your plan.

See below for more resources about Special Enrollment Periods.