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Financial Assistance for Families with Employer Health Coverage

Thanks to recent changes, many more individuals and families can get financial help to access high-quality health coverage through HealthSource RI. You and/or others in your household may qualify for premium tax credits, even if you weren’t eligible before.

Previously, you and your household members may not have qualified for financial assistance through HealthSource RI if you were offered coverage through your employer. Due to new rules in 2023, you may still qualify for financial assistance in the form of premium tax credits if the health coverage your employer offers you and/or your family members is considered unaffordable based on federal guidelines. To learn more about the affordability guidelines, click here.

Not sure if your coverage is considered affordable?

Not sure if your coverage is considered affordable? Use our Employer-Based Coverage Affordability Calculator Tool to determine if you and your family are eligible for financial assistance through HealthSource RI.

As we work to fully automate these new rules, please call us at 1-855-840-4774 for assistance to see whether these new rules affect you. When you call, make sure to say you would like to check the affordability of your employer coverage for all family members. You can also visit our Contact Us page to learn about additional ways to get help.

HealthSource RI connects you with health and dental insurance from these companies:

Individuals & Families: 1-855-840-4774
Employers & Employees: 1-855-683-6757