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CRANSTON, R.I. (October 13, 2017) – Last night, President Trump announced his intention to end health care cost-sharing reduction (CSR) subsidies.  Without these CSRs, premiums will rise substantially over the currently approved rates for 2018. Eliminating CSR payments will have immediate, negative repercussions both in RI and across the nation – destabilizing the market and increasing rates. This reckless action on the part of President Trump is not a surprise, and the state has prepared a contingency plan.

“The Trump Tax could put Rhode Islanders’ lives at risk by forcing many families to choose between health coverage and the grocery bill,” said Governor Gina M. Raimondo. “The ACA is working in Rhode Island, but President Trump is determined to tear it apart. His cruel and immoral crusade to destroy our nation’s healthcare system is putting the lives of Rhode Islanders at risk. It puts people with pre-existing conditions at risk. It threatens treatment and recovery services for Rhode Islanders with substance use disorder. I’ve directed my team at HealthSource RI and in the Health Insurance Commissioner’s office to take every measure possible to minimize the impact on Rhode Island families, and they’ve already put plans to work. But let me be clear: middle class families are still going to feel the effects of the Trump Tax unless action is taken to override the President’s cruel, immoral and unnecessary actions.”

“Make no mistake: this callous action by the President poses a serious threat to many Rhode Island families,” said Rhode Island Health Insurance Commissioner Marie Ganim. “OHIC has been working with health insurers to structure premiums for 2018 in an attempt to minimize the impact on Rhode Island families. We hope that much of the increase in rates will be absorbed by ACA tax credits, which would save Rhode Island consumers from bearing the brunt of the cost associated with this disastrous decision. Our intention here is to do everything we can to not raise Rhode Islander’s costs.”

“Financial assistance is key to making healthcare affordable – for many customers it’s often the difference between having coverage, and going without,” said Zachary W. Sherman, Director of HealthSource RI. “The Trump Administration made a calculated decision to sabotage the upcoming Open Enrollment period and undermine the progress we’ve made through the successful implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Our state fully embraced the ACA, and as a result 96 percent of Rhode Islanders have coverage. HealthSource RI is committed to maintaining these gains and ensuring that individuals and families have access to high-quality, affordable health coverage.”

The action to defund CSRs is immediate, but it will not impact HealthSource RI customers this plan year—they will still receive the same health insurance at the same cost for the remainder of 2017. However, customers could see larger premium spikes and changes in benefits and coverage on plans taking effect in 2018 due to President Trump’s elimination of the CSRs.

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